The Space Lab is a first person level with a strong focus on stealth gameplay. You play as a test subject locked inside a space station laboratory. Your objective is to find a way to escape the space station without being captured by any of the guards. This includes breaking into laboratories and stealing resources, blowing up a machine room, and stealing a spaceship from the space station hangar. 

In this project I wanted each aspect of the level to feel complete, both when it comes to level design, gameplay events, and level art. The duration of this project was two weeks. I spent the first week focusing purely on the level design flow and blocking out the main layout of the level. In the second week of the project I focused on polishing the level art, creating triggered events and making level sequencers.



The first step of the process was collecting reference images and brainstorming ideas as to what kind of level I wanted to create. Using the reference images as inspiration, I wrote up a basic flow-chart of all of the events of the level, and drew overviews for the level layout. 


The next step was making a basic blockout of the entire area. Since the available time for this project was very short, I did not have time to make a very polished blockout or whitebox of the level. It was however enough to get a feeling for the space and the level flow,


During the final week I started polishing the level by adding new meshes and lighting. With the little time I had, I wanted to make each area as visually polished as possible. 



The final week was also spent adding AI and events to make the level come alive.  I used destructable meshes and vfx to make the destruction of the machine room feel impactful. For the final escape from the space station, I used a level sequencer to animate the spaceship taking off.